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Thread: Shop Update...New/Old Workbench

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    Shop Update...New/Old Workbench

    I've been updating my old shop tour but decided to start a new one since I finally have it set up the way I want.

    Just before Christmas, my dad decided his workbench was taking up to much room and asked if I wanted it. Of course I said yes! I traded gave him a couple of drawer units that I had gotten from a work office remodel.

    Since my beer fridge bit the dust, I started to clean some things up and rearrange. I had to clean and reorganize the shop before the new/old workbench would fit.

    We loaded it up and brought the workbench to my garage over the are a few shots of how things look now and some of the workbench too.

    Pic 1 - view as you walk in
    Pic 2 - view from "car part" of garage (hasn't seen car in over 2 years, currently full of junk and toys)
    Pic 3 - view of turning area and turning bench (behind the BS and DP in other pics)
    Pic 4-8 - shots of the new/old workbench
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails p_00196-1.jpg   p_00197-1.jpg   p_00199-1.jpg   p_00203-1.jpg   p_00205-1.jpg  

    p_00206-1.jpg   p_00202-1.jpg   p_00204-1.jpg  
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    Looking good Jeff. Lots of storage space it looks like.

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    Cool. That bench looks like it's seen a few projects. I can understand your desire to keep it in the family.
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    Looking good Jeff. That bench looks great in your shop, but I am glad it is out of mine. As a little side, that bench came from a school building in Corning, KS. When I was in the contracting business, we remodeled the shop area of the building and they got new benches. I grabbed one and my son Matt had it until he moved from Salina, Ks to OK. I have had it since. I know more info than you all needed.

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    I forgot where it came from. Thanks for the reminder!
    A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. -Henry David Thoreau
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