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Thread: 14" Delta Band Saw @ Lowe's for $250 (YMMV)

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    14" Delta Band Saw @ Lowe's for $250 (YMMV)

    Hi All, This is a complete YMMV, but my Lowes was clearancing the 14" delta bandsaw (here) for $400. Not a great deal, I know. However, I heard you could make offers and I was able to haggle them down to $250! So if you are in need of a band saw I highly recommend giving it a shot. I was at the Austin, TX Lowe's on Brodie. I got the floor model, but he also offered me on in box for $300 which is still a pretty darn good deal.

    Anyway, I can scan the receipt if it would help anyone. Good luck!

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    I was looking at it at Lowes yesterday. I had to pick up a small piece of pegboard so I could make some shelf support holes.
    They only had one in stock and were taking orders if you wanted one.
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    My local Lowe's always haggles. They try to make a show of "got to call a boss on that offer" but 9 times out of 10, success! (maybe still bidding to high?)

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    Yeah, I was pretty firm at $200 but he let me walk, so I finally relented.

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    When we lived in California I was in the local Lowes and they were having their sidewalk sale. they were getting away from jet and were clearing out there stock. They had the Jet contractor JWTS-10 saw on sales for half price. I looked at the saw and was tempted but passed. Later that day I was talking to my son who worked for another lowes store at the time and he said I should offere them $150 but to talk to the manager not a clerk. The next day I went back, found the manager and guess what I took home that day. Later my son told me that since they were changing brands they had to clear them out of stock.
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