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Thread: Finishing up

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    Finishing up

    Thought i would put up some pics of some things i was finishing up on today.......

    Pic 1 - New casters on from woodcraft and i can move it with one hand liking it
    Pic 2 - Roughed out Mesquite bowl that making for someone
    Pic 3 - Dyed failed vessel i was working on (pic posted earlier) and decided to darken it down a bit and start the finishing.
    Pic 4,5,6,7 - showing the experiment - 2 coats of seal a cell and 2 top coats so far.

    Now im hoping im off work tomm and can have the whole day to play around........LOL
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1010045.jpg   P1010048.jpg   P1010043.jpg   P1010052.jpg   P1010049.jpg  

    P1010050.jpg   P1010051.jpg  
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    Looks pretty good Dan.
    Bernie W.

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