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Thread: Glue

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    What types of glue do you use ?

    Epoxy, yellow, rabbit skin , gorilla glue
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    Titebond original. I usually buy it by the quart. Last time it was on sale for $4.99 I bought 4 of them. I go through a quart about every month and a half.

    I've tried Gorilla glue but it goes bad too quick, for me anyway.
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    aliphatic resin

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    Mostly the yellow stuff. On occasion CA and epoxy.
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    Different types of Titebond. I buy epoxy and CA in bulk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Downes View Post
    Different types of Titebond. I buy epoxy and CA in bulk.
    Me, too.

    Also both hot and liquid hide glue.

    I very seldom use Gorilla, because it's so messy. TB3 is much nicer to use if you need waterproof. If you need gap filling, then either make your joints fit better, or use a filled epoxy.
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    Thanks for starting this debate Dave. I for one need to learn more in this category.

    I buy yellow and lately titebond 3 but its sorta overkill for the need from what i understand.

    I also bought a stainable Elmers PVA type glue to try. I am on the very low end of consumption with the amount i get out to the shop. I hope thats going to change though.

    Can anyone provide me with the insight as to why buy all three titebonds. I mean apart from cost if you are using a large quantity.

    I noticed in some pictures posted that guys have big jugs of each in their shops. Why not just one that will do it all.

    Looking to learn.

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    I use plastic resin (DAP Weldwood) for all panel/tabletop glueups and any bent laminations. I use Gorilla poly for any closed mortise and tenon joint (where the tenon is buried). I don't like any of the yellow glues because of the 'creep', and only keep a small bottle on hand for utility purposes (shop projects) and for gluing in square plugs that are intentionally 'proud' of the surface.

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    Each has its own properties. I use them all from time to time but for most of my WWing I opt for Titebond Original or II depending on price and availability. This week I used epoxy on a small project, as well as some CA. Last week I used exclusively Titebond, last month I think I used all three pluss some Polyurethane, and some spray rubber cement, over the last year I have used several tubes of Carpenters cement, Some strange epoxy for concrete, PVC glue and mastic for those jobs and some sticky gooy black stuff my son gave me to seal holes in the deck of our houseboat.

    Depends.... (not the ones you wear but the type of application)

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    i buy titebond original in 5gal pails, plastic resin in 5# tins and monkey glue,(gorilla brand polyurethane) in quarts.......epoxy and ca i use so little i just buy enough for the occasion.
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