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Thread: Winter in SoCal

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!

    Winter in SoCal

    The view as I crossed the parking lot, walking across campus to grab some lunch had me thinking about snow. I have heard rumors that some of you live where it falls, unbidden from the sky and lands all over you(?).

    Around here, we keep our snow contained so it can be visited conveniently. I guarantee you that any business or government agency trying to convince outsiders that we don't chew our air, is out taking pictures this time of year. You can't even see the mountains in the summer.

    The pic is from the front of my office. The sheet metal at the bottom of the pic is the roof of the 4 story Chemical Sciences building. The university is right in the same foothill/valley transition area where I live so the elevations vary a lot over little distance. This stretch of the mountains is on the other side of the valley floor about 15-20 miles out.
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    Pretty view Glenn! Jealousy would be an understatment for sure....

    If only our snow was far away...I haven't seen the ground since Dec. 1st! About 42" of snow since then...records like this should not be set IMO.
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    Glenn. looks like a nice place to live up there in them hills. Now ya can keep that wast land and all them people that live down in the valley.

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    We have a similar circumstance here. I live in the bottom of the Snake And Clearwater Rivers canyons. The two canyons and rivers converge here. It's 3,000 lower in elevation than the surrounding prairies and mountains.

    We often get snow up above and rain here.

    Close enough to play......far enough away to not have to live with it.

    You have a gorgeous seasonal view BTW!

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    Yep, if everyone had to spend six months in California before they could go somewhere else in the US, we'd have standing room only. California is about the closest thing to Paradise you'll find on this earth.

    And I'm not even a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

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    Hopefully everyone feels that way about the place where they live.

    I know the LOML and I feel that way about Idaho.

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    The Ozarks are a beautiful place year round.
    We are getting some unusual snow this year, and right this moment.
    Don't want to knock So. Cal. but what we know of your climate from the news seems to be a constant litany of brush fires, mud slides, earthquakes and flooding. Add in fruit flies, e coli on the lettuce and other situations foreign to us here, I'm happy in the Ozarks.
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    Glad to see the California media machine is still doing its best to discourage people from moving there.

    I loved my 25 years there. Great weather. Its just that the bad press wasn't enough to keep out too many people. 10 minute drives became 30 minute drives and those were knuckle whiting races with too may people in a hurry to get to their own funeral.

    So I left to live in another paradise - but don't tell anyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post

    Hopefully everyone feels that way about the place where they live.

    I know the LOML and I feel that way about Idaho.
    Interesting question to ask folks from Cleveland. Or Detroit.

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    I hope Glenn won't mind me posting this, but here's my latest California winter shot, taken Thursday. I saw it driving home, and pulled over to shoot a cell phone pic out the truck window. We tend to get our best sunsets this time of year in California, but I'd say the summer storm cloud sunsets in the Southwest (Arizona and New Mexico) are the best sunsets I've seen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    BTW, that's a great view you have, Glenn.
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