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Thread: Simple router bushing fix

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    Simple router bushing fix

    well i needed to make a 1/4" dado the right depth after the dado blade seemed to have it own ideas of what to do.. so i grabbed the trim router and decided to make it right but the bushing was to long to make the cutter do its job.
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    so i took and thought. how i was gonna make this bushing thiner.. without having it go to the grinder which wouldnt do a very precise job of it and it could go bad quick, not alot to hang on to... then i came up with a brilliant idea for me anyways..
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    i just took a piece of some 1/8" hmv plastic and made it a fit snug on the bushing and i was off to the races again alittle touch up with the chisel and i am done..Sometimes the best solutions are right in frt of us if we just look and dont make the wall to thick so we cant see threw it
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    Nice fix Larry
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    Nice fix Larry
    Bueno. Good solution Larry.
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    Very good fix Larry. Handy that you had the uhmw plastic handy. That will help the seating of the router too.

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    Good use of resources!
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    Handy trick. Now that's using your head for something other than growing chin hair.
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