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Thread: Hello! I found you!

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    Hello! I found you!

    Hi everyone.

    I just found the site by accident. (You can blame Stu Ablett)

    I was wondering what Stu was up to lately as I hadn't seen anything new from the dungeon lately on SMC. I looked at his bio page and saw this address as his home page. I see he has been up to a whole lot since I last read about his adventures over there!

    I took a quick look at the forums and I see many of the regulars from the other sites I visit! It will be nice to have more enjoyable reading and it is also nice to see everyone's real names!

    A little bit about me:

    I live in southern Wisconsin with my wife of 11 years and 5 cats. I work an 8-5 Mon-Fri job at a company that manufactures identification tags (medical bracelets, pet tags, etc.). On the off time I enjoy fishing when the weather is warm and working in the garage shop when it isn't (in Wisconsin it usually isn't nice for 7 months of the year).

    I started working with wood when I was about 8 or 9 in my Dad's shop. I didn't really get too involved until I had my own garage and basement. I started with custom bass boxes for car stereos in my early 20's and, along with that, my first table saw purchase started filling the shop with tools!

    I purchased a lathe in early 2006 and have fallen into turning quickly over the last several months. I know the vortex is strong, and I was warned. It is a very addictive hobby. Turning has kept me in the shop much more often than I ever used to be. I mostly turn bowls and bottle stoppers, but I did my first hollow form a couple weeks ago and I know I will be doing many more in the future.

    I look forward to sharing when I can, and reading everything I see. Thanks Stu for sending me this way!!


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    Welcome Marc, pull up a stump and enjoy.
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    Welcome Marc!
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    5 cats! I guess I can't say much. We have 3 cats and 3 dogs, although one of the dogs is a foster. Good thing so many of love our pets! welcome to the site there are a lot of good people here that are willing to field any questions. Just make sure to post the obligatory pics

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    Welcome Marc!


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    Glad to see you've joined the Family! Good to have you here. Jim.
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    Welcome Marc, and we promise to not hold your acquaintence with Stu against you. Glad to see you found us.
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    Welcome Mark. How about a shop tour??

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    hi marc!
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    Welcome Marc, glad you found us.

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