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Thread: Extension table for my Grizzly G0691

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    Extension table for my Grizzly G0691

    As you may recall, my ext table was damaged in shipping. Grizzly of course shipped a new one and it arrived fine, but it was too late. My wheels had already begun to turn. I decided to build my own.

    The going has been slow and I still have a ways to go, but I thought I would give everyone an up date.

    I'm attaching a slide show link that will give some details. You can see it's far from perfect with a space here and there and a bit of tear out around some of the pins. Being a guitar builder primarily I've never done anything this big. You would think bigger is easier. I remain unconvinced.

    All M/T joints except the top supports which are pinned bridle joints. The leg/sled M/T's are draw pinned and the through M/T's on the spreaders are wedged. Now comes the top... Maybe by spring.

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    That's looking nice, Ronald! My extension was bruised, but not destroyed like yours!!! I'm going to build a shallow torsion box out of 1/2" MDF to replace mine. Not real sure what to do with the factory extension metal base. It should be good for something. I'll cut a reverse curve to fit the rounded edge of the CI extension wing, put a piece of 3/8" hardwood on the outside edges, laminate top and sides with black laminate, and route a bevel to match the CI wing so the wood shows through. Sure would be easier if they had made the CI wings 90 degrees instead of curved! But we'll see how it goes. I've got to get my mobile base finished first though. Dang cold weather! I need a warm day to finish the painting!
    Anxious to see how your's turns out. Mine won't get that fancy of a base. Jim.
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    There is a method to my madness. I still need(want) to build a nice work bench to replace my plywood topped one. I thought since I was going to do it I might as well use it to get some experience doing large joinery. I have in mind how I want to do it, but with no base of experience to draw from I felt this ext table would be a great item to practice on. I have learned several lessons along the way and the top will provide more lessons I'm sure. Then it'll be off to do the work bench.

    As to the stock table I was thinking of using it as the table portion or perhaps a sled for a shop made wide drum sander. For guitar building a drum sander is a big help, but they're also $$$$. So I've been building one in my head for a while... One of these days I'll do it in wood.
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