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Thread: Rant of the day#2

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    Rant of the day#2

    I spent all day helping a buddy put snap/lock together fake tile laminate in his kitchen (Dupont 12x48 pieces). After working all night, and with my back already sore before we started. And of course, we had to cut everything outside in the 31-36 degree weather. Anyhoo, sometime in the middle of that LOML and I took a break and went to WallyWorld. At each end of both entrances were guys with plastic buckets soliciting donations for battered women and children, in the name of a church. Rather aggressively. And right in front of the signs that say "No soliciting allowed on WalMart property". When LOML politely declined, it was suggested we might think about it whilst shopping and stop by on the way out. Which to me means go directly to whoever's wearing the Customer Service Manager's hat and complain. When I politely asked (really) if they were sanctioning the collections, the CSM said, "Yes" dismissively and went back to her paperwork. I then mentioned politely (really) that they were being a bit more aggressive than what might be considered 'normal' for folks soliciting donations and she might want to look into it. She didn't even look up from the paperwork while not acknowledging that comment. Fair enough... perhaps the store director will at least feign concern when I visit with him about it tomorrow.

    I guess I'm two-faced, because I don't mind the Girl Scouts selling cookies there. They're polite, and they ask ONCE. And I've gotten to where the Salvation Army bell ringers don't bother me anymore, but only if they stand there and ring their bell and don't actively solicit (one of the 'rules', at least at this WM). But I just pretty well don't like it when pushy people think I need to feel bad for not giving them money for this cause or another. And I don't like it when firemen stand at every corner and disrupt traffic collecting for Jerry's kids either. That's an incredibly worthwhile cause, but I know how to dial the phone if I want to donate. Right then, I'm on my way somehere.

    I know this is a completely usless post, but I needed to vent.

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    It may be a useless post, but I am in total agreement without on all counts.
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    Should have gotten the Mrs to buy some black makeup and decorate her eye for the way out.

    Or even better, have her decorate your eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Meiser View Post
    Should have gotten the Mrs to buy some black makeup and decorate her eye for the way out.

    Or even better, have her decorate your eye.

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    Uh, guys....

    I understand not wanting to be solicited for whatever cause, but spousal abuse is not a frivolous matter. BTDT. Don't want to again.

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    Carol, I don't mean to imply that the issue isn't serious. '

    But I still think it would be funny to see the reaction. I bet the odds are great that they'd look the other way. Which of course would mean they aren't nearly as interested in the issue as they are raising money--a problem with a lot of charities IMHO.

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    The no soliciting rule at WM really means unsanctioned.
    I have done the can shaking thing at Wal-Mart for the Shriners hospitals many times. Most folks are very friendly. Being pushy and demanding is not acceptable behavior for the solicitor at all. Those folks you encountered should have been lectured by a drill sergeant.
    BTW, you never know who will donate or who won't. I have had many a person walk right by me on the way in but stop when they come out and stuff a $20.00 bill in the can.
    If I may digress.....Most satisfying is when an adult stops by, often crying, and thanks the Shriners saying they, or a child, would never be walking if it weren't for the Shriners. And, yes, I sometimes get wet eyed too.
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    There's a grocery store I go to often. Because they allow some groups to solicit, they have to allow all groups. And many people find it annoying to have to run a gantlet to get into or out of the store.

    So the store put up a sign that says (not in these words) "These people are exercising their first amendment right. If you don't like them being here, don't give them anything. If they don't get anything, they won't come back." It really worked. Some of the solicitors would try to move the sign, but people like me put it back when we walked into the store.

    We get VERY few solicitors at the store any more.

    The only way to get rid of those people is to ignore them. Same with people who come to your door (other than kids from the neighborhood). If you give them anything, they'll be back.

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