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Thread: Jiffy Lube Gets Busted

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    Unhappy Jiffy Lube Gets Busted

    .... Just received this E-mail.


    Jiffy Lube Gets Busted

    You will NEVER use Jiffy Lube again after seeing this!

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    Wow...I guess I'm not going to Jiffy Lube.

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    Linky no worky for me.

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    more info here , snopes

    a mechanic you can trust is a great thing , I took the wifes car in the other day told my mechanic to call if it was over 250.

    picked it up 110 , 80 labor 30 parts , he could have charged me 245 and I would have been happy

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    This is actually a few years old...Channel 4 did several other follow-up sting operations at Jiffy Lube and another one of the other lube change chains. The local places seem to have changed their ways, based on some of the later follow-ups, but there are still reports of shenanigans. I've actually done business with the one in Glendale that's mentioned in the video (a few years prior to this video), but I've always known to watch shops like that to be sure I'm getting what I'm paying for. They all seem to do a lot of upselling, too. Guys like these make it difficult for all the honest mechanics out there. (Jim O'Dell and the other 27 of them.)

    Just kidding Jim...there are probably more honest mechanics than dishonest ones, but it's the low-lifes that make you appreciate the good ones that much more.
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    I've only heard horror stories about Jiffy Lube. I don't use the quick oil change places anymore either after seeing reports on their service. My truck gets repairs done by me or by the dealer.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Never used them.
    Never use the brake places either.
    I do all of that myself, being a retired truck, shop foreman mechanic for 25 years

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    Please no one act surprised.......

    Dissapointed, you bet, but surprised?

    I always ask for the used parts when I take something into be serviced, if they do not produce the parts, I refuse to pay, and yes, I tell them before hand.

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    From my experience with Jiffy Lube, you are probably better off if they don't do the work. My tranny was never the same after they flushed it.

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    I remember hearing of a similar problem with Sears auto shops a few years back. Gotta love those tiny hidden cameras.

    I've never had a problem with Jiffy Lube, but then I'm always sitting in the lobby chair that faces the window to the shop. I can watch them working while I sip one of their free cups of joe. My rule is: if I can't see into the shop, I don't trust 'em.

    But I had a different experience at one of the local Valvoline lube shops a few years ago. After getting my 15 minute oil change, I drove off. Then the car ran like crap and killed on a busy street. After getting it towed (free - AAA covered it) to have a real mechanic look at it (not so free - $100+), I found out that the the trained chimp back at Valvoline had knocked a few vacuum hoses loose while working on the car.



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