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    Antique Surprise

    Yesterday I got a call from the Assisted Living Facility where my aunt is living (94 yrs) "Her bed broke" Antique Eastlake period bed which dates it to around 150 years old, factory built... Walnut.

    When I got there the side rail was splintered. looked horrible. Not knowing what I'd find, I had assembled a few tools etc. for a quick fix... No quick fix here... My aunt suffers from severe dimentia so it was important to make repairs quickly so everything is back to normal by the time she goes to bed.

    Took the rail and all the splintered pieces home. When I started examining I was surprised, The Walnut side rails are made of Ash, with an 1/8" veneer on the front surface and the edges capped off with 1/4" thick strips along with trim molding strips.

    What had happend was the Animal hide glue had dried completely and the strip that held the slats had let go, the #12 screws holding the strips just pulled out of the super dried out Ash (splintering part of the rail)

    Actually, when I began working on it, It wasn't that bad. I glued, clamped, & screwed the large splinters. scraped the animal hide glue off the strip that holds the slats and secured with TB II and secured with a lot more than the original 4 screws. (proper pilot holes and countersunk) . replace the trim and delivered back to her apartment reassembled and made her bed ready for the evening. The strength of the rails had not been compramised just the strip that holds the slats, looked worse that it actually was.

    What surprised me was the side rail construction. I assume, to save Walnut wood, they had veneered with 1/8" over a cheaper 3/4" Ash.

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    Sounds like a good fix. Surprising she was allowed to use her own bed. Most nursing home provide hospital type beds. Familiarity of having ones own things from home is very comforting to the residents.
    Do check procedures in the nursing home. There may be an under-trained aide caring for your mother that is careless with things, like bed rails, or people.

    Edit: OK, I re-read, your post. It is an assisted living facility, not a nursing home. Explains her own bed. But check things out anyway.
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