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Thread: Kreg Jig, How did you make your better

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    Kreg Jig, How did you make your better

    Santa brought me a Kreg Jig for Christmas. I used it on a simple box project and I really liked how quick and easy it was. I can see a lot of times when I might use this. That said, I watched a few videos and I can see that a framing/assembly table with some built in clamps would be nice.

    What have you done to make working with your kreg jig easier/faster/or just more fun to use.

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    This is the jig that I have and love it!

    It wasn't called junior when I bought it last year. I think it is a ploy to make men feel inferior so they buy the master system but I love mine anyway. I use a 12 inch Irwin clamp to hold it in place and it works great since I don't have the patience or tools to make standard mortise and tenon joints.

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    I have a couple mini's and the Rocket (similar to Dan's R-3 but older and not as cool). I use a larger HF vise-grip to grab the jig and clamp the two pieces to the bench at the same time. On larger pieces it is easier to take the jig to the piece. I had a larger kit (the 2000?) and sold it because I find the separate smaller jigs meet my needs. I have two mini's as I got one on sale for less that the included bit cost. If I did a different type of work I would look into the tables and such.
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    My wife bought me the delux kit several years ago for Christmas. It's one of the best tools in my shop. I use it quite often.
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    I in the process of building a Klamp table. The top is done but I want to build an angled stand for it kind of like th 4x8 face framing table. To make my jig faster, I sold it and bought the pneumatic Foreman machine. Now that is fast joinery!

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