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    linen cabinet

    My Aunt asked me if I would build her a linen cabinet to put in her sons bathroom. All she gave me was the dimensions she needed and she wanted oak. It'll have 5 shelves and space for a hamper on one side.

    These shots are with one coat of satin poly on. It's oak ply I got from an actual supplier not one of the borgs. It cost a little more but the quality was way better and it was made in the US. I'll not get ply from the borg again!

    I edged the inside edge of both doors with purple heart to give it a little flash. I think it breaks up the monotony of the oak. I put a purple heart band on the shelves also. He's in a wheel chair so I put 170 degree hinges on so he will have better access.
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    Looks good
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    Looks real good. The purple heart really gives it a sophisticated look. Nice job.
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    the purple heart did add to the whole picture , nice to see some more flat work emerging to fend off the spinny stuff.. we need the variety john
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    It is an experience to use quality plywood after using BORG stuff for awhile isn't it. That piece came out really nicely and the trim is a great addition. I don't use much in the way of sheet goods but have a hallway linen cupboard rebuild on the to-do list and your pics are sure timely for me.
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    Ditto what the others have said. Great job, John.
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    a two thumbs up on this one John ..............
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have finished this one up and will deliver it on Sunday. I'm just waiting for the finish to get good and dry. I'm going to try and finish up a jewelry chest/box I've been working on for my daughter. It's been slow going on that one trying to decide how I want to do the doors and drawer fronts.

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