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Thread: Speaking of "Look at This Guy's Page"...

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    Speaking of "Look at This Guy's Page"...

    In this thread, Charlie Plesums posted a link to an article about website building. The page happened to be on his site. I just spent a while reading some of the many informative articles he's got on his site (particularly the ones about the business aspects of professional woodworking), and I've gotta say he's put together one heck of a primer for anyone who's starting or considering starting to make money with woodworking.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to give Charlie's site an unsolicited plug, and urge you to check it out.
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    I just read a couple of the things there- looks like there is a ton of great stuff! Thanks Charlie and Vaughn.

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    Ive read Charlies website way back ever since I started using ipe lumber.

    Hes got a great projects list, worth reading it all.

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