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Thread: Bar top finish?

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    Bar top finish?

    I am going to do a new kitchen sometime soon and I had a thought about maybe using the acrylic bar top finish over some nice wood for the kitchen counters. I have no idea how well this would hold up but thought someone here might have some thoughts.

    I have no idea if it will stand a hot pan but suspect it will burn. I've never seen a kitchen with such a counter and figure maybe there is a good reason.

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    I don't know for sure but I would think that knives would scratch the heck out of it and hot pans would melt it
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    Paul, I agree with Bob, and I'll say that there s a reason why you don't see many wooden kitchen counters anymore

    if this is for your house, fine, you know what you are getting into, but if it is for a client, I'd think twice.
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    I've heard of a finish that is epoxy called "enduro(something) and I have seen it in action. It's next to indestructable! ( not the stuff from General finishes) and check out system three. I believe that they have a pretty durible finish, too.

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    I used waterborne conversion varnish from Target Coatings to finish our kitchen island top that I posted in this thread. The finish is not indestructible but has held up fine to stuff being tossed around on it. It can't handle a hot pan but neither can granite. One still has to use common sense when handling knives, other utensils and pans with any countertop.
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    I might just have to look into that finish, Bill. I have an ample supply of thin birdseye maple boards. They run about 1/8" thick and I figure after sanding them flat will be just about right for veneering. I guess I should stock the kitchen with lots of trivets so there is always something to set a hot pan on. I have lots of cutting boards, and do most of the cooking so there's no excuses.

    That counter top looks awesome!

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