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Thread: A Nuther Friday so whatcha got planned for the week end

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    A Nuther Friday so whatcha got planned for the week end

    Shop time sat, gonna watch the shootout Sat night church sunday morn and then back to the shop. so what are yall doing this fine weekend.
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    Shop time tonight and some more sometime this weekend. I will be tuning a few more planes and also installing a new belt on my lathe.

    Will need to check in on my dad too...ask him about his involves a TS. Don't worry he is fine, but it's the second time the same finger (1st one in 1965)
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    My granddaughter Abby is spending the weekend so whatever I had planned is down the tubes
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    Finishing up reassembly of my Parks planer, working on DC system changes. Plus whatever LOML has planned for me.

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    It's raining, so if I can find my hip boots, might get in a little shop time on Saturday... depending on how cold it's supposed to get... Sunday is Super bowl ...
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    Spending the weekend with my daughter. Sledding party Saturday. And for the umpteenth time, teaching her how to clean up her messes. Wait, no pictures, no messes. If only it were that simple.

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    finishing up the podium, finishing up the design for my nephew's coffee table, catching up on sleep....
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    I've been nursing a nasty bad cold all week - finally clearing up pretty good - haven't had any shop time this week as a result. I'll take LOML out to dinner tonight (Friday) to start the weekend.

    Saturday: I'll finish a couple of updates to my vacuum pump system. I have a project for which I'll need to make some 6" diameter column. Of course, the NASCAR Bud Shootout will be on the tube in the evening.

    Sunday: The usual lazy morning going through the newspaper over our coffee and tea. I'll prepare brunch for us, then maybe toss a couple of steaks on the grill for dinner, weather permitting. Oh, yeah - might tune into the halftime show for 'the game'. Is Janet performing this year???

    ("The Who" should put on a good show!)
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    Turning some pendants for all the ladies in the family and then snuggling up in front of the fire with some Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select.

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