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Thread: Firefox & zone alarm security suite

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    Firefox & zone alarm security suite

    Since I re did everything in my computer...

    I installed Zone alarm security suite I went into Z.A. programs & made sure everything was checked but I still can't post pictures So have had to use IE8. But much prefer FF.

    When I click the manage attachments button it depresses but does nothing.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Another thing I posted the above using FF & when trying to re-open the internet in FF the system wouldn't open this has happened before this was sentence was placed here using IE8.
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    I don't use ZA, but the manage attachments button usually brings up a pop-up window. You might verify that your not blocking pop-ups. Also check your javascript settings to make sure it is able to execute.

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    Simple check it to turn off ZA and try it. If it works you know it is the problem. If not you probably can look elsewhere.

    But the photo thing only works about half the time for me. Stalls and is slow to respond. Doesn't impress me at all.
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    I don't know if it's relavant or not, but I recently upgraded my Firefox to version 3.6 or 6.3 don't remember which (sad case of CRS lately), but every since the upgrade, FF has crashed on a regular basis. I much prefer FF for doing searches on the interweb... only use IE to look at my Yahoo mail and it's so slow takes 30 minutes to go through a dozen messages.... I would drop and may yet drop all of the Yahoo mail accounts and stick with my outlook account... only reason I have the Yahoo mail account is back when I was traveling some I couldn't get into my outlook account on the road..
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