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Thread: New Craftsman 22116 Granite Top TS ~$662

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    Thumbs up New Craftsman 22116 Granite Top TS ~$662

    The new granite top 22116 hybrid saw (very similar to the Steel City 35930) is on sale at Sears for $863 after "Online only. Buy more save more on tools Sold by Sears" discount of $132. Craftsman Club discount shaves another $115, $5 off $50 with SEARSLOVE coupon code, and there's another $86 Cashback if you originate your search thru $662 if you can pick it up in-store makes this a pretty slick deal IMHO....if necessary, even the $65 for shipping makes it pretty reasonable.

    Save $5 off your $50 purchase with coupon SEARSLOVE -$5.00
    Online only. Buy more save more on tools Sold by Sears. -$132.00
    Subtotal: $ 862.99
    Est. Craftsman Club Discount: -$115.00
    Est. Pre-tax Total: $ 747.99
    10% Cashback from Bing in 60 days ($ 86.29 )

    Total = $661.70 with in-store pickup

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    Good morning Scott.

    Sounds like a pretty good deal but I'm still not sold on my tools being stoned all the time. Besides I have an older than dirt Unisaw & am spoiled by it.
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    This looks almost IDENTICAL to the Rigid R4511 that was just clearanced out at the BORG for $299. And yes, it's a GREAT saw.. very happy with mine.

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    Never thought of it, but you're right Bart! Stoned and tools don't mix!

    Brian - The guts of the 22116 and R4511 are likely identical. The base and fence are different...more like the Steel City 35920 and 35930. All made by Orion AFAIK.

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