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Thread: Rockwell 46-111 Bearings

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    Rockwell 46-111 Bearings

    I have acquired a Rockwell 46-111 lathe from my father that he had bought it used years ago. The bearings are real noisy and need to be replaced. I have removed the old bearings and the numbers on the bearings are NTN 6025Z. My local bearing supplier tells me that these are basically run of the mill bearings about 20 bucks a peace. A bug has been put into my ear about the bearings needing to be matched or precision bearings. The web sites that sell parts for this lathe have listed two part numbers one priced at 50 bucks and the other at 82 each. So are these 6025Z bearings I took out the correct for this lathe? I guess these beings have been in the lathe for more then 15 years they would las t just as long I guess.


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    The bearings that I put in my old delta lathe before I sold it just came from the local supplier. If the shaft fits I think you should be ok. Mine worked fine. I saw the gentleman that bought my delta says it is still working great.
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    They definitely don't need to be either matched nor high-precision. They can be low-dollar bearings & still be totally fine in a wood lathe unless you're turning some monstrously challenging stuff on it.

    The "6025Z" designation describes the bearing - style, inside & outside diameters, thickness, and shield type. Any 6025Z bearing should be fine.
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    Thanks fellows, I'll run to the supply house today and get some new bearings.

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