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Thread: Minor Tool Gloat

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    Minor Tool Gloat

    I've been waffling back and forth about what to get with my Christmas gift cards, did I need a biscuit joiner or a pocket hole jig? Well as Louis L'Amour once said, "The only thing straddling the fence will get you is a sore crotch." So the sales and the stars finally aligned and I was able to get both. Now I just have to find a project to use them on.
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    oh findun a project is easy Dan,,, just ask your better half what she needs made and you will be set for life
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    Congrats. And I believe Larry is onto something. ;-)
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    yep Larry has got you sorted out I believe

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    Congrats, Dan.

    I did a similar purchase a few years a pocket hole jig (the PSI version) and a biscuit joiner in rapid succession. (It was back when I was on a tool buying frenzy getting back into woodworking. Seems I wanted one of everything.) Haven't used either much at all, but the times I did, they have both been handy.
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