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Thread: 6" sanders

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    6" sanders

    Ok, so I have a Metabo 6" dual orbit sander, don't remember the model but it is the older one not the newer turbotec model they have now. I loved the sander except I was never really sure which mode it was in. the way you switch modes is very confusing. anyway, the pad on this sander no longer holds hook and loop pads, instead it thinks it's part of the Olympics and is in the discus competition throwing pads all over the shop. i have tried to find replacement pads but can only find them for the newer model and i'm not sure they are interchangeable.

    So back in october I went out on a limb and bought the Ridgid 6" from homedepot, thought what do i have to lose, 3 year warranty. well last week it broke. not completely but the pad spins freely which makes it very hard to control when sanding. so luckily HD let me return it and gave me a full refund, not store credit a full refund. So now I have to figure out what I am going to do. The newer version of the metabo is 219, a comparable Bosch is 249, and a Festool 6" single mode is 285.

    So I guess I wrote all that non sense to ask this. are the festool sanders still good if you don't buy their vacuums, I am not about to pay what they want for those things, I don't care how well they work.

    Does anyone else have any good or bad experience with other 6" dual mode sanders.


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    ok, where are the festool guys. i thought we had some festool junkies on here

    thanks john. i wish i was set up for air sanders. don't have a big enough compressor. it is on the list of things to buy. but that list is big.

    the old ridgid sander was made by metabo, that is why it was good. the sander i bought did a good job but apparently it's not made as durable as my metabo.

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