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Thread: ENOUGH ALREADY......

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    ...snow that is.... we're expecting our 3rd major snowstorm tomorrow...up to 20" more, after the 30" we got over the weekend. I do snow removal at the VA hospital where I work, and I put in 40 hrs OT over the weekend removing snow... now this... with yet another snow called for next Monday/Tue.
    add to that the ave 10* below normal temps over the winter( with the same being projected thru the end of Feb) and you can see why we're tired of this. we're having weather that's more relative to Alaska, or the North Pole!!!
    I can't enough free time to make necessary quarter-round for the kitchens' remodeling job...

    I'm ready for smoe warm, spring days.....
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    Well James I thought they always called us up here the great white north

    You keep it down there with you this year. We will take it back in years to come. Hopefully many years.

    We aint had much up here compared to normal. We only had to shovel the driveway twice so far this winter.

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    James you might consider a sabbatical vacation to Michigan's Yooper land. After a few winter months up there you will get used to the stuff. I've seen 150 inches by Christmas up there and -30 temps to boot. Heck, they have to shovel the roof off every so often. A neighbor was out to shovel the roof off and to be safe he tied a rope to the bumper of the car and threw the rope over the peak. While he was up and well tied off his wife decided to take a drive and he got a first class amusement ride....... Good thing the snow was deep...........

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    well james we all know that it has to come down somewhere and we over here in michigan can do without it we are low for the total this year i dont think we have had much over 40" total accumaltion.. which translates into less wood burnt to stay warm and less dollars in the snow plow guys some of thank you for taking upon yourselves to help us out over here this year we truely appreciate it.. and just thik this wil melt off and fill your resoviors this spring and all wil be good again thanks again for your support
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    Santa Claus, In
    5" tonight. Gee, I love this stuff.


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