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Thread: Canadian Home Workshop Show, Mar 5/6/7 -- who's going?

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    Canadian Home Workshop Show, Mar 5/6/7 -- who's going?

    Hey folks,

    I just confirmed a few days ago that I'll be at the 2010 Canadian Home Workshop show in Toronto, March 5/6/7. I'll be working there all three days at the Kid's Project Zone.

    They have two project zones, one for kids and one for adults, where beginners can come and build a project from start to finish. In previous years they've built things like small step-stools, candle stands, shelves, bookends, etc. Everyone who goes through the project zone is guided one-on-one -- clearly it'd be dangerous to turn someone loose on a miter saw who'd never used one before! They try to design things so that it can be built in about 15-20 minutes, and they usually get to use 3-4 different kinds of tools. In the kids area it usually includes the scrollsaw, drillpress, oscillating sander, and some handtools. (This is free for anyone who attends the show.)

    I'll be working as an instructor in the Kid's project zone all three days. Friday is usually pretty crazy, since some schools come through. But working with the kids can be fun -- they're usually really excited to build something themselves.

    But I'm getting wayyyy too detailed here. My point was just to let folks know that I'll be there, and if you're planning to attend, feel free to take a few minutes and swing by the kid's project zone and look for me to say "Hi!".
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    Unfortunately, not this year Art.
    The show coincided with a business trip to Toronto a couple of years ago and a highlight was meeting a few regulars like yourself, Mack and Frank. (I got a few small items to bring home too!)
    Have fun encouraging the next generation.

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