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Thread: Minnesota is back in Arkansas

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    Nov 2006
    Mountain Home, Arkansas

    Minnesota is back in Arkansas

    No pics, I don't want to remember this.
    Buncha wet snow last night then temps fell sub-freezing.
    Had herds of deer in yard last night, ate all the corn I put out.
    Travel is possible but dangerous.
    I chair a meeting today, did not call it off. Might be alone. Feel sorry for waitresses, they manage to get to work and sometimes tips are not enough to make it worthwhile.
    I want greenup.
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    Constantine, MI
    High 40's here in Boise today. Sorry.
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    Second wave of storms supposed to start here within the next hour or so. Might get another 10" of snow on top of the 20" we've already got.

    My little John Deere tractor is getting a plowing workout. My only problem with another 10" of snow will be where to put it.
    Jim D.
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    I hater to tell you but it ain't over yet. We got another stoprm comming through tomarrow so it's headed your way.
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    I keep wondering where OUR snow is! There's a lotta' grass visible all 'round these parts...

    Really REALLY unusual for February in Vermont.
    -- Tim --

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    Well, it was down right warm today in Tokyo, must have been near 70F, the low is only down to about 50F.

    Spring is darn near here I guess, seen some trees with blossoms on them already, right weird weather
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    We got another 8-9" the past few days...that's over 50" since Dec. 1st! It's starting to get hard to shovel because the piles are so big and tall.

    I think my parents are starting to regret moving north when they retired...
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    And there's more headed toward you too, Frank. We're supposed to get snow starting tomorrow late night, with chance of rain and snow through late Thursday. Light to moderate accumulation is what Weather Underground is saying right now. (Of course, that means 1 to 2" for our area, and people will still freak.)Temps aren't supposed to be that bad. Might be fun to watch from my desk at work, but sure won't be any business coming in. Jim.
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    Supposed to get 10" tonight. Good time to head out to the shop and make sawdust. I just picked up my 16 year old daughter and was explaining to her how to drive in the stuff and why I want her to go sloooowwww. Came around the curve and saw that the ditch had all but eaten a Chevy truck. My neighbor was just pulling up with the pay-loader to pull the guy out. Couldn't have asked for a better visual for the driving lesson.

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    isnt winter wonderful paul??? just so purty out there.. and just plain neat
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