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    Incra Jig

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ID:	42263I had bought a Incra Jig several years ago at one of the woodshows. I was so impressed at all the neet looking joints that was being made at the show. But of course when I got it home it was a much different story. But rather than let it go to wast I used it for many years as a rip fence on my TS. I was limited on the width of cut to 16 inches. At the time it was OK as I was making a lot of jewerly boxes. Then got into Cabinest and it was to small. So I bought a after market rip fence that I am well pleased with.I saw an add from Incra for a DVD So I am taking My Incra Jig out of storage and going to try again. I do better when I can see it being done rather than just reading instructionsWonder if any of you have had any experience with this piece of equiptment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Roase View Post
    Wonder if any of you have had any experience with this piece of equiptment.

    I love mine. No, I don't attempt double dovetails, or anything else fancy. But even without those, the thing lets me be way more accuarate, and repeatable, than anything else I've ever tried. Using it allows me to pretend to be a woodworker...



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    Ron, I'm sold on using the Incra jig as a tablesaw fence. Best thing since electric motors and carbide saw teeth, IMHO. When I got my Incra jig (won in a drawing), I splurged the $200 or so and bought the long tablesaw rails to go with it. It's fast, accurate, and easy to use on the tablesaw, and I can just slide the whole jig to the left side of the saw and use it on the router table extension I have there, too. Works great in both capacities.
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    I've had the Incra 25" LS Super system for many years. I use it mostly on my router table but have used it on my tablesaw for a project where I needed accurate, repeatable dados. I use it with the standard fence like you have for small bits and on the tablesaw. The version I have also has the split fence which is necessary for large bits. I can't imagine being without my Incra!
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