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Thread: Japanes Cottage For Purple Martins

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    Japanes Cottage For Purple Martins

    This was a strange project for me, but it was oe that used so many different woodworking operations,angles ,bevels,ripping,cross cutting,miters and even some wood turning,also painting and staining and drilling. Its a fun project and also I find out after that people acctualy spend money onbird houses,and alot more than I ever would. Click image for larger version. 

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    Now you just have to find some Japanese purple martins to move in. Where do you advertise the rental?

    Nice job.

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    Very cool

    Rearding the money, well... if they have it and want to spend it on that, I would not prevent them from doing it, specially if I was comissioned to do it
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    Hey! Neat. Should look great finished.
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    That's very cool, Ron. The little details really make it stand out.
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    That is a cute little cottage.

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