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Thread: Pic's from the blizzard behind

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    Pic's from the blizzard behind

    We ended up with 50"'s of the stuff. Not sense 66 can I remember a snow like this one. Few more will be here this weekend.

    From inside before I went to bed, ALL's Quite !

    Morning cycles, sounds like a disease
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    Dave, I tried to find the pictures.........from Michigan's UP of a storm during the 1940's. My father-in-law was milking cows back then and had noticed some car lights out on the road that weren't moving. When he went out there he found a young gal who had come to the UP to attend Michigan Tech. She ended up staying on the farm for more than a week. The picture showed the snow almost over the telephone poles!!! I can't remember how much they got but the storm turned into freezing rain at the end and turned everything into a frozen mess. They actually had to use dynamite to blow the roads open. It had to be more than 10 ft.

    That young Gal high tailed it for the South as soon as the roads were opened. Now that would be a shock for anyone who wasn't used to snow.

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    Pic's from the blizzard behind


    your story reminded me of a coupl pictures I have of SNOW in New York State a few years back, in Oswego. (Now, if I can get them to upload) Ah, It worked.

    Aloha, Tony
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