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Thread: Good Laser

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    Good Laser

    I just got a reconditioned Dewalt DW 713 No bells or whistles Miter saw. Seems to work great. The one add on I'd like to put on it is a laser. They make one just for it but it's way out of my price range (about 35 or so would be tops for me)

    I saw one on ebay for 19, but then I noticed they wanted 10 bucks to ship it. I know that's with in my limit but it was a tiny screw on thing you could put in a envelope. It screwed on the safety guard.

    They also sell (Dewalt, a light that shines a shadow on the board where to cut, and is also a work light. I read a review that said it only cast a shadow that you can actually see when the blade is about 1/8 inch before contacting the wood, otherwise is grainy. (expensive too.)

    There is one that goes on the saw blade itself and only comes on when the blade spins. I was wondering if anybody has experience with these and if it will work on my saw (pretty sure it will).

    My eyesight is a little dim so the laser would help.

    Thanks Bill

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    Sorry for posting this I did a search first and nothing came up I was scrolling down and the was the question with pages of answers please disregard mine. I delete it but no sure how. I tried and it didn't work

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