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Thread: What's Snew???

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    What's Snew???

    Snew? Er, ah ---- SNOW in southwest Georgia!!!

    Total accumulation of about -0.5" in a couple of low spots before it turned back to rain. WOW!
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    i heard on the radio earlier, that this could very well be the year 49 of the 50 states get snow this year.
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    What's Snew???

    Yeah, seems we are the only one of the 50 states with no snow right now.

    Usually during this time of year, at the higher elevations (maybe above 11,000 ft) on the two highest volcano peaks, Mauna Loa, and Mauna Kea (13,700 ft.) we do have snow. (Yes, in Hawaii)

    But we don't have any here now. Been very dry on most all the islands.

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    The Cullman Cottage with snow for the 2nd time this year and it was still coming down. Extremely rare here.
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