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Thread: Insert tooling for wood

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    Insert tooling for wood

    I just ran across this today in my CNC router browsing. I had never seen these and remembered the insert tooling for lathes some were trying to make. Here is insert tooling specifically for wood and maybe some of the inserts could be useful for some homemade tooling.

    When I look at the inserts it gives a list price then says Free so I assume I am seeing something wrong because that can't give away all the replacement inserts..

    But for what its worth here is the home page...

    And the insert tooling

    And the inserts themselves


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    I think the trick there is... "Minimum Order is $85.00". The "free" inserts are probably pretty cheap (lots of brand-name carbide inserts of different types can be bought for about a dollar a pop), but you STILL have to buy $85 worth of stuff to get those ones for free. I'm betting there's also a limit on the number of those "free" inserts you can pile into your cart.

    EDIT: They might actually allow the order to go through, though - I just set up a bogus cart with two cutters & 1000 inserts. Didn't give 'em any credit-card info, though... but it accepted the order. They'd surely balk at actually sending a thousand inserts for free... and it'd be unethical to go through with an order like that.

    Side note: Geez, I hate buying anything from a company that includes testimonials in their advertising.
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