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Thread: Table and birdfeeder

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    Table and birdfeeder

    I finally finished the table I had been working on and solicited feedback a couple times. I decided to go with the original plan of painting and distressing and got a wipe on poly to give it a nice sheen. I felt like the paint wasn't durable enough, maybe because I didn't prime it first? Either way, my wife is happy and that's all that counts. And if it does need to be refinished, I'll just take the top off and start from scratch.

    Also built a new cedar birdfeeder this weekend since the last one I built was more form over function. This one has hinges to open the top for refilling.
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    Nice table for sure Dan!

    I bet the birds and the squirrels will be very happy!
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    They both came out looking real nice, Dan. And as long as Mama's happy, everybody's happy.
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    The table came out great Nice job on the bird house as well.!
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    Thanks for the comments!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    I bet the birds and the squirrels will be very happy!
    Supposedly, squirrels can't climb pvc pipe but I'll put a slinky around the pipe to discourage them if I have to. But if they can jump from the rail, then I am screwed. I made a squirrel feeder at our last house, but didn't put it up when we moved. I didn't realize how gross it was until I borrowed the hinges for the bird feeder and will probably make another squirrel feeder like this for the yard when I have time.

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    Nice work Dan> table is in style for sure and the feeder will give you and the family many good times in watching ..... .
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