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Thread: Gluing in cold temperatures

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    Gluing in cold temperatures

    My glue bottle says to use when temperatures are above 55 deg F. So I keep my glue in the house but my project is in the garage where I'm lucky to see 30 degrees F now. Does my wood to be glued also have to be above 55 degree F, or is it good enough to glue up my wood and then bring it in the house for drying?

    Thanks, DKT

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    Bring the wood into the house so it gets to 55 degrees or more, then glue it and let it cure inside.

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    With yellow glue you can push it a bit on the temperature but not much. It needs to be at least 50 degrees. That doesn't mean that you have to heat up the whole shop though. If you have an electric blanket you can do your glue up and throw the blanket over it to keep it warm. A heat lamp or two will also go a long way in keeping the glue up warm.

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    +1 on the electric blanket. Works great. You can usually find old ones (but working) at the Salvation Army store for a low price. I think they get trashed because the blanket is the wrong color when redecorating is done.

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    Thanks for all the answers. Not really what I had hoped for but I can't really argue against all your good advice. Maybe I should just hibernate during the winter.


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