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Thread: Dewalt Radial Arm Saw 1950

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    Dewalt Radial Arm Saw 1950

    I have had this Radial Arm saw,seems like forever. It use to be my Dad's saw then he had a heart attack and gave it to me. I used it for many years,then got Delta Contracters saw and have used that ever since. I let my good friend take it to use,then his space has changed and now it is coming back again. It is in exalent condition,all heavy castiron constuction. Uses a 1/2 horse power moter with a 9" blade.Don't know if it is a collecters item or not.
    It has had very good care. What do you all think....... Is it worth any thing?
    I have kept it all these years, I think just because it was my Dad's. But space is getting tight with all the other equiptment I have.
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    Those are very popular saws but not because they are 'collectors items'. But because they were very well made saws. Much better than the most of the used Craftsmans you find for sale. However they don't bring a lot of money except in rare cases. You can find them very cheap but they also go fast. The smarter people snatch them up and restore/repair them and use them because they are such good saws. Of course if it has been used and is worn it may only have value as a parts machine. But there are people out there that needs parts so too.
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    I have one as well. A fellow gave it to me because he was tired of "out of Square" cuts... He had gotten it free , years ago, from a fellow who was tired of out of square cuts. i began with replacing the table, (a gazillion saw marks and notches and kerfs) Then I set about to align the saw. What thes guys didn't seem to know was that you have to take off the name plate to get to the adjusting screws to square up the saw head. Ta Da a perfect cut....

    What is it worth, nothing to those who can't be successful... but a while back when I was in to a rather large project making numerous repeated cutoffs and multiple dado cuts. I was worth a fortune in time and effort.

    I have seen them in the papers priced at $100 or so.

    Mine sits in the garage waiting the next large project. Makes a good horizinal surface to stack "Stuff" . Of course I will have to re align after over a year of providing support for an array of tools, toys and scrap supplies.

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