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Thread: Headed for Texas

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    Headed for Texas

    By the end of the month I plan to be in Texas, Ft Worth area, visiting friends... anyway I will be in a small car but as a rule I pick up a few blocks of wood indiginious to an area for future play periods...

    Mesquite , where would be a good place to pick up some? Not much, just enough for a project or so... Any WWing stores in Ft. Worth area? I will be staying at the "Stockyards" in the historic district. any other woods that Texas has to offer that might be of great concern? Any suggestions?

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    There is a Rockler in the Arlington area...easy access off the interstate.

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    Thanks Ken, I found that one on their site and have put it in my TomTom, Just wondering if there are any other than Chain stores we have here.

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    Bill, no mom and pop type woodworking stores, at least not that I've found.
    You can try Barney Robinsons Hardwoods on Lancaster in east Fort Worth. Nice guys, but I don't know if they would have Mesquite or not. I bought Ash there back in the early 80s for the kitchen I built at the previous house.
    The only place I'm aware that has Mesquite is a sawmill up in Sanger. About 50 minutes north of town. They have a website, but I'm at work and don't remember the name. Google saw mill in Sanger Texas and you'll find it. There are some stores over in Dallas that should have Mesquite. I'll let the guys on that side of the world tell you where the stores are. I've not been to any of them, but one is behind Texas Instruments in North Dallas. There used to be a big wood dealer over in the Arlington/Grand Prairie area between 6 Flags and DFW airport. Last time I tried to go look at wood, They weren't open. But that may have been when they were going through an ownership change. Jim.

    Oh, and the Woodcraft is in west Ft. Worth on I-30. In the same shopping center as Best Buy and Abertson's grocery store.
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