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Thread: new wood filler

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    new wood filler

    Not really a new product but relatively new to the U.S.
    Timbermate wood filler from Austrailia is, IMHO, really excellent and versitile stuff.

    It takes dyes and coloring easily, is water thin-able and cleans up easily.
    They offer a free trial size. I must have used mine up because I can't find it. Will have to buy some now.
    Actually, I contacted them in hopes of buying in wholesale lots for resale. Didn't work. Chalk that up as Frank's Free Enterprise Flop #874.
    They are only selling through distributors.
    I had the neutral tint color, it took other colorings very nicely.
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    I got a free sample a few months ago and it's all gone. It worked great. The best I've used yet !!
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    I have used it. Very good product. I always got it a Woodcraft. Local store is closing it out. Not sure why.

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    i too got some and would use it again.. nice stuff..
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    new wood filler

    Hmmm, This stuff sounds good. But, the website doesn't offer samples of Timbermate, or at least I couldn't find any.

    I'd like to try it too. Any leads will be appreciated.

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