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Thread: Snow flurries

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    Snow flurries

    Well, we've had our annual snow flurries in the San Antonio area. Now we can get on with spring, which shoulda been here already.

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    I think the guys back east might be able to use this.
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    Spring has Spung,
    The Grass has Ris,
    Wonder Where
    Da Birdies Is?

    I be getting so tired of Snow. My daughter (who lives far out in the Boonies) has my 4X4 truck for the past couple of weeks because her van's brakes went south abd the weather has prevented her husband from making repairs...

    S0,here I sits watching the snow and really grumpy because I was suppose to be South and enjoying warmth and the Strawberry Festival in Florida... Although Florida is not warm right now... But next month I will be in Texas and hopefully it will be warm.

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    Well in my neck of the woods here it's 57 but feels like 70.

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    Gonna be in the 70's here today.
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