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Thread: Leopardwood potpourri bowl

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    Leopardwood potpourri bowl

    6.5" wide and 4.5" tall. 60 pieces of leopardwood and 1 piece of curly maple floating between rings for the bottom. Finished with 3 coats of Antique Oil and still waiting to be buffed. Critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.
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    Nice project and interesting wood grain effect. Thanks for posting the pictures.

    I keep saying I'm going to do one of those but all the WWing companies sell the same 3-4 lid inserts, I don't particularly care for any of them. I made my own with some scroll work but sure wish they would produce a few more choices.

    Again, That sure looks good....

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    great job bob on that one
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    Beautiful work. Leopardwood sure does work well in segmented pieces, and this bowl demonstrates that idea very nicely.
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    great looking piece and nice tite segs joints

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    Pretty piece with nice joints.
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    Robert its a beauty. I would have loved it if you had posted a how you did it progress shots for us newbies to learn the craft. Pretty please how about a tutorial on that type of segementing?

    I would also like to ask is that leopard wood any different to lacewood? I googled them for pictures and i cant tell the difference.

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    Well done, Robert.

    Down here we call it Lacewood. Must be some difference between them. I tried the stuff and the piece I got was cut incorrectly. All the figure was on the bottom; not on the sides. It also, was very chippy.

    Again GREAT WORK!

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    Very nice piece. Cool wood too.

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    Nice work.
    I've never seen a bottom done that way. Interesting.

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