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Thread: I have a dream

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    I have a dream

    Folks, I think I am going to go to school. I am thinking of entering the electrical field. Something like residential electrician or along that line. What do you think? Can a 44 yr old start over.

    If I hurry, I can be done and out before my oldest starts college. She wants U of Kentucky and the little one wants Purdue. Ol' Dad is thinking community college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    ...What do you think? Can a 44 yr old start over...
    Sure you can! I got my Engineering Certification (PE) at age 47, and my Certified Property Management license at age 56.

    Go for it!
    Jim D.
    Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!

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    I agree with Jim. I got my CDL at age 61.
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    I'm 60 and thinking of going to the local tech school for plumbing. Maybe make a few extra bucks in my unemployed old age
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    Sure you can. I am learning more in the computor field as they apply to mechanics everyday. Just remeber that if you are working with the hot side to not be sitting on the ground. DAMHIK

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    Steve, go for it! You will be competing against mainly kids that want the money, but won't spend the time or have the maturity to think out the problem and solve it efficiently. Thus, your age will become an asset! Great way to set a positive example for your kids, encounter a problem, don't sit on your duff waiting on a hand out, look around, get some information, arm yourself with it and move forward!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    While my motto is to never let a lack of talent, skill, or knowledge stop me from undertaking a project, I say go for it! If it gives you a better skill set and an opportunity for a better job, it seems like a no brainer!
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    Steve I say if you got the interest go for it. Up here in Canada the average age of the trades is very high. There is going to be a huge shortage as the guys retire and i guess the same will apply in the USA. I dont see you being out of work if you do it.

    I keep telling my sons to think of being an HVAC (gas guy). The average age in the gas trade here is 56. All the youngsters want to keep their hands clean. A gas guy will soon be able to command his own price here. Ya gotta have gas and the furnace here. I am just too scared of the stuff otherwise i woudl have thought of giving it a go myself.

    Way i see it the biggest hurdle you face is the apprenticeship and finding someone to let you do the practical side.

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    I just started my Residential Wiring II class this week at the local tech college. I am 52 and want to do the wiring for my shop and house. The instructors have said the electrical trade is still a good one to get into - almost always jobs to be found at reasonable money.

    Go for it.

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    You are too old only when your obituary is printed in the local paper. I graduated in four years with a masters degree (from a 4 year program) that included two ancient foreign languages and did it at the age of 67. And I got a job in my field, knowing I had been challenged and humored through the whole program. I am not bitter. I am very happy with the way things turned.

    Age discrimination is against the law but they can and will do their best to wash you out. And there will be those who won't hire you. But you bring maturity, good common sense, an appreciation for how things fit into the bigger picture, and the wisdom to show up everyday.

    What's not to like? You can and will find the boss (or become your own) who knows a good thing when it pops up on the radar screen.

    Losers find excuses. Winners find reasons.

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