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Thread: 3400 Lath parts

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    3400 Lath parts

    I'm new here. I have just refurbished a Rockwell beaver wood lath. I am in need of a head stock spur center. This center is to fit the headstock shaft which is 7/8 by 14TPI. The manufactuer which it turns out is now Black and Decker has no parts for these old machines. Does any one have or know where to get this part. The other alturnitive may be a 7/8 14 to 1" 8TPI adaptor so standard size could be used. Any information will be appericiated
    Take Care

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    Welcome George to FWW.

    George is your headstock solid or does it have a morse taper such as MT #1 or MT #2, etc? I am assuming that by what you said it is not. If not you may have to see if you can find a 7/8 X 14 to a 1 X 8 adapter. Grizzly may have one. I think the outboard spindle is 3/4" X 16 tpi. I would almost bet that you have a #1 morse taper in the tailstock though. I am guessing that a adapter is going to be a hard puppy to find though. You may have all of this info already but just in case. Ebay may be another place to check and hopefully someone will have more info. I also noted that the lowest speed is 800 rpm which will be fine for spindle and pen turning but bowls that is way to fast especially if the piece is out of balance.

    This kinda looks like your lathe and may help.

    Also found this.

    Hope this helps.
    Bernie W.

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    I'll check with the local machine shop mortician and see if he has any. Lots of interesting stuff in his store.

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    George don't have any help for ya . Just wanted to welcome you to this great forum, and looking foward to seeing picks of your work and shop.

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    Welcome aboard.

    You might want to check with Jim C. Bradley. He had a hard time finding 7/8" threaded attachments for an older Delta lathe I sold him last year. The spindle should be ready to take MT1 sized attachments.

    Here he was asking about the same thing:

    Good luck.
    Dan Gonzales
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    Welcome to the family George, hope you enjoy your stay.

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    I put this on the want list at the mortician's shop. He said they get the old lathes in every now and then but nothing now.

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    Rockwell 3400 / Delta 46-140 Spur Center

    The solution to a Spur Center for either the Rockwell 3400 or Delta 46-140 is quite simple.

    Buy two parts, a 7/8 x 14 TPI adapter and a MT2 Spur Center. Cut off the Morse Taper from the MT2 Spur Center about 3 mm behind the Spur head.

    I mounted the Spur in a drill press and used a hacksaw, this made a nice clean cut.

    The Shur head fits nicely in one end of the 7/8 x 14 tpi adapter. Weld the two parts together, clean up the weld on a grinder and paint.

    Both of the required parts are available at Busy Bee in Canada or at Grizzly in the USA.

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