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Thread: Regina's (Niki's wife) Email address

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    Regina's (Niki's wife) Email address

    From another forum,

    You can send a kind message to Niki's wife Regina.

    Edit: Please PM Leo for the address...Thank you

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    Leo, I understand you mean well, but I have to tell you that if someone published my wife's email address all over the internet I would be beyond furious.

    (Can you tell that I work with computers for a living and have had more than my share of battles with spam?)

    I urge you to edit your email and take that out and just invite people to PM you if they want it.
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    Leo, I've edited your post asking others to PM you for the address...Thanks for understanding.

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    Great gesture, Leo. I agree that displaying an address on a forum can lead to all sorts of spam and phishing attempts for the recipient. I've also got Niki's wife's e-mail address, so folks can PM either Leo or me (or any of the other Admins) if you need it.
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