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Thread: Mahogany dresser, night stand, solids hardwood and veneered plywood finished!

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    Mahogany dresser, night stand, solids hardwood and veneered plywood finished!

    Selected most of the wood, thought this thread should be over here.
    Im going to give it a shot. ITs only wood. Nothing like the smell of mahogany in the morning.
    Cut most of the parts and planed/jointed them.
    I did not have enough 1 and 1/8th afterall, so the headboard and footboard assemblies will be one inch, the bed side rails will be 1 and 1/8th, and the posts are 2.5 inches as per plans.
    Im substituting maple for support parts, O,P, and J.I used walnut for the wenge post feet/bottom.
    Im going to use whatever I have available for all the slats, and will lay them out in a pattern if I use different species, they are not seen anyway.All hardwoods, maple, ash, oak, birch.

    I wasnt sure if I was going to really post up this build, as Im sure Ill show my true lack of talent, but its only wood and I need to experiment with veneers and other things.

    Alot of these parts are big and heavy. I had some difficulties jointing and planing some pieces. Got it done. Rough cut lengths with hand held circular saw since its pretty crowded in the garage right now and dont have that much room to lay things out easily.

    Id appreciate it if someone could find the 100th anniversary bed and post up a picture of it, Im not sure exactly how to get it to show, and the parts list.
    I labeled all my parts so far, have not done much other than cut to size so far.
    I was originally going to make raised panels for the panels, but decided to use mdf and with some instruction and help from here, Im going to glue up the sapele pomele veneer and give it a shot.
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    lookun good allen and dont you start with i aint goona post stuff or i willcome over and give yua what for we need all the posts we can get here.. as of your slats ash or hickory is the strongest you mentioned.. and the rails are fine at the thickness you got..feel free to ask all you want why did you change your mind on the raised panels to a veneer panel? the veneer work answers will have to come from alan or mike or tod.. those that got alot of expeiernce doing it looking forward tot he rest of the show
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    Ive made some calls to set me straight on how to handle it.
    Decent people here, real talented, patient, helpful.

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    trouble with the camera, just cant get anything clear.

    cut alot of mortises today, didnt have too much time.
    started dry fitting the headboard, thats just a piece of plain ply I used for a test panel for fit.
    Its very heavy, having a bit of trouble handling it while putting it all together.
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    Looks like a nice bed and good plans and good to see you posting your build.

    I know i might be late to tell you this but a word of caution from a prior experience i had.

    My very first woodworking project back in the day when i was in my twenties and needed a bed for my own place.

    I built a design similar to yours, headboard and footboard and slats. Made it from imported Oregon Pine.

    At the time i ordered my wood surfaced all sides and cut to general size.

    Then put the whole thing together with dowles and screws. Still have the bed, my son uses it and Larry knows it

    What i did not do was check on the size of mattress to ensure that the matress i bought would fit the bed. It did but so tight that getting something round at the bottom is a mission and everyone hates it for that.

    So just do yourself a favor and eyeball the mattress and check on your plans dimensions. Take into account tucking a sheet at least or more like a blanket round the bottom end and ensure theres a little space to be able to lift the mattress and slide em under.

    Best of luck with the project Allen following along as usual so keep us posted all the way.

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    Im going by standard mattress size, queen, and I see the bed allows around 1.5 inches around.
    Im following the plans and the plans are for a queen size.

    I had to alter, uh....well, I altered certain parts that were called for 6 and 3/4 inches, I went for 6 inches, I changed the tenon size also ofcourse. My jointer is 6 inches, and after that Id have to hand plane the balance and I preferred to not have to hand plane.
    ex: the foot board calls for 6 and 3/4 bottom rail and 3 inch top rail.
    I made the bottom rail 6 inches, and the top rail 3 and 3/4 inches.
    I will make the side rails 6 inches also to match all around.

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    Lookin good Allen. Your a woodworking machine. Don't forget to allow for the thickness of your veneer on your test panel.

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    Looking good Allen. The bed I made had 1 1/2" clearance as well. It fit well with enough room for all the stuff Rob mentioned.
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