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Thread: Who's got a late model Mustang?

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    Who's got a late model Mustang?

    I'm giving serious consideration to buying a 2011 Mustang (waiting on the new V6). What specifically concerns me is wind noise. The Taurus has spolied me.

    I'm not sure I like the way the windows drop 1/2" or so when you open the door and go back up when you shut the door. How does that work in practice, as far as noise goes? I'm about half deaf, so road noise isn't going to be as big a bother as wind whistling in my ear...

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    In the rental stang I had with about 16K miles on it, I don't recall any wind noise (and it bugs me quite a bit.) The exhaust note was quite throaty though and drowned out most of the road noise. I'm not sure if it was the V6 or V8.

    Living with it for three days was just about right in my book. I prefer to rent a car for a week before buying it to make sure there aren't any quirks that might miss in a 20 minute test drive.

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