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Thread: 33 years and still going strong

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA

    33 years and still going strong

    Well to day me and the wife have been married 33 years. Was told we wouldn't make it 1 year by her father.
    Just to let ya's no it ain't always been eazy, as when we first got married,she had just got out of the hospital.She had been burned prutty bad in a house fire,lost bouth her sisters in the fire, and was dead for over 3 min.Well as you can guess she wasn't in the best of her mind.Her dad hated me(dam long haired country hick.)Well i guess we saw in each other what no one else could couse we're looking foward to seeing a lot more of these, and she is still my best friend. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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    Congrats Steve!!

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    Congratulate your wife for hanging in there with you. Hope her Dad finally saw the gem she married.

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    Wow, great ending to a tough start. Congrats Steve !!
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    the grapes of wrath makes some mighty fine wines, steve congrats and do something special for her today
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    Congrats to you both Stephen!
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    Sounds like you both are very fortunate people.

    Hope you have at least 33 more years together.
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    Congratulations to you and the LOYL! Long term's something to behold!

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    WOW The Lord has blessed you with a great wife. Congratulations !
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    congrats to both of you.

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