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Thread: To Canadians Hockey is not just a game, it's OUR Game.....!

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    To Canadians Hockey is not just a game, it's OUR Game.....!

    Let me start off by saying that I am proud of the effort put forth by the USA team, especially coming back from two down. I think the almost universal feeling here where I live (just across the border in Bellingham) is that if the USA could not win, it was most fitting that the Canadians came through and won the Gold. I could not imagine the pressure their players must have felt.

    After noticing Stu's signature line, I wondered just how dominate the Canadians have been in Olympic Hockey. It was most interesting, and since I can not refrain from "tweaking" our good neighbors to the north, here is the result:

    1920 Canada, United States, Czechoslovakia
    1924 Canada, United States, Great Britain
    1928 Canada, Sweden, Switzerland
    1932 CanadaUnited StatesGermany
    1936 Great Britain, Canada, United States
    1948 Canada, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland
    1952 Canada, United States, Sweden
    1956 Soviet Union, United States, Canada
    1960 United States, Canada, Soviet Union
    1964 Soviet Union, Sweden, Czechoslovakia
    1968 Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Canada
    1972 Soviet UnionUnited StatesCzechoslovakia
    1976 Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, West Germany
    1980 United States, Soviet Union, Sweden
    1984 Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Sweden
    1988 Soviet Union, Finland, Sweden
    1992 CIS, Canada, Czechoslovakia
    1994 Sweden, Canada, Finland
    1998 Czech RepublicRussia, Finland
    2002 Canada, United States, Russia
    2006 Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic
    2010 Canada, United States, Finland

    Not bad, but I would not consider it domination. Note that Canada did not play in 1972 & 1976 due to protest of the "professional" Soviet teams.

    Domination looks more like this:

    Olympic Basketball

    1936: United States, Canada, Mexico
    1948: United States, France, Brazil
    1952: United States, Soviet Union, Uruguay
    1956: United States, Soviet Union, Uruguay
    1960: United States, Soviet Union, Brazil
    1964: United States, Soviet Union, Brazil
    1968:United States, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union
    1972: Soviet Union, United States, Cuba
    1976: United States, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union
    *1980: Yugoslavia, Italy, Soviet Union
    1984: United States, Spain, Yugoslavia
    1988: Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, United States
    1992: United States, Croatia, Lithuania
    1996: United States, Yugoslavia, Lithuania
    2000: United States, France, Lithuania
    2004: Argentina, Italy, United States
    *The United States boycotted the 1980 Moscow Games.

    I liked the Olympics better when it was comprised of amateurs.
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    "Domination" is actually bad.

    Canada and the US both dominate Women's hockey at the Olympics.
    After the gold medal game, the IOC warned the Women's Hockey groups that they need to become more competitive or they will be removed from the Olympics.
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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