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Thread: Zinsser vs Waterlox

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    Zinsser vs Waterlox

    I was curious if there is a big difference finishwise not chemically if I use Zinsser original finish and sealer vs Waterlox original finish and sealer.
    Its for mahogany with no finish on it.

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    well i have used the water lox stuff allen, but show me more on the zinser stuff i might have used it too but i am not sure,, the zinnser i used was called seal coat and the other stuff that was zinnser was just clear sheallac and it has wax in it the seal coat doesnt.. the waterlox was good stuff and had a nice amber color..
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    I believe the Waterlox will provide a more durable finish. The Zinsser is shellac, and the Waterlox is an oil/varnish blend, as far as I know. Varnish is more resistant to water and spilled drinks than shellac.
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    Vaughn you are right about the shellac based finishes. But I hate water born finishes on any kind of furniture. Shellac is a good sealer for Mahogany, sometimes I will spray on a couple of coats and then wipe off with a rage to fill the pours and then seal with lacquer and finish. Lacquer sealer is a good base for just about any finish you chose to use as long as you take some 320 to it before you apply the finish.
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