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Thread: not really old & not much iron

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    not really old & not much iron

    I just picked up a 10 year old Hitachi 10" dual compound sliding miter saw. I had been using an old Makita 14" fixed model - no slide or compound cut and was fairly limited by its capacity - not to mention intimidated by the size of the blade and the brute simplicity of the thing.
    This "new" smaller saw weighs a lot less (alum instead of cast iron) and has much greater capacity. It needs a good clean up and general once over, but i think this will fit the bill for the forseeable future.
    I'm pretty jazzed about it, especially since the free price fits my bottom feeder tendencies and general lack of fun money at the moment.
    Anybody else have this saw (C10FS)?

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    Saw, I don't see no stinking saw..
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