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Thread: Opinions Needed

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    Opinions Needed

    What plating would you use for this Sierra Guinea Fowl Feather pen blank?

    Which end of the blank would you place at the nib end so that the quill end of the feathers are pointing towards the nib?


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    My vote would be gold. and yes, quill toward nib.

    Nice looking blanks.

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    I think black titanium hardware would look good. It looks like the feathers were cast pointed in both directions. Is that correct? If so, I suspect either end for the nib would look about the same as the other way around.
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    Black Titanium and I would say either end.
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    I generally go with gold for almost everything. But, this time, I'll agree that black Ti is the choice. And, yes, the feathers seem to go both ways. Don't sweat direction. Interesting blank. Be sure to post a pic of finished pen.
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