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Thread: Milling Around

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    Milling Around

    I got an order for a set of Salt and Pepper mills from someone who came to my wife’s Holiday show. We emailed back & forth and decided on 8” Ash & Walnut in a clean contemporary style. I ordered the parts and turned the bodies. I finished the Ash with a gloss water-bore polyurethane to keep it as light as possile, and the Walnut with Bush oil and a satin poly. The customer approved them via email and his future MIL picked them up yesterday.
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    Don Orr

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    I like those Don, It's a nice way to tell the salt from the pepper!
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    Great idea Don and I like the simple form.
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    They look real nice, Don. That simple form is actually not easy to pull off. You did a good job on it.
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    I agree with Vaughn. That subtle curve can be a hard thing to make. Good work Don.

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