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Thread: It Friday so whacha got planed for the week end.

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    It Friday so whacha got planed for the week end.

    No Shop time this weekend. Leaving in an hour or so for california. Family get together tonight. Nieces weeding tomarrow, drive back on Sanday so I'll even miss the rrace from Atlanta. So what are your weekend plans ?
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    Get ready for a job interview on monday along with working on the raised panel doors for our kitchen.

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    I'll be continuing my recovery, so I'll mostly be laying around. I'll watch as much of the NASCAR as possible on Speed and Fox, of course.
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    Here's hoping the interview goes well, Alan!

    My Saturday to work the real job. 8-12. LOML working an Agility Fun Match until 2:00. I should get the coat of paint on the 2 sides of the mobile base, then we have a family, maybe 2, coming to see the rescue dogs. Another family Sunday am, and the Celtic Festival in Dallas on the rain. Actually, we've been told we have space inside this year. Hopefully I can get the mobile base together and under the saw late that afternoon, or early evening if I can get the wife to help for a few minutes. I'll post pictures if it works, or come crying if it doesn't. Jim.
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    shop clean up and just alittle saw dust making..
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    shop clean up ..
    Shop Clean up?? I heard about that once, guess I'll have to try it sometime!
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    Food and drink with my wife's family tonight. Tomorrow...Since I still have at least 2 wks with no weight on my right foot, I hope to get out to the garage to clean and sharpen some planes. Or I might just sit out there and think about what the first project will be once I'm back on both will be 2wks since I've been out there tomorrow.

    Then I will be watching the Jayhawks dismantle the MU Tigers.
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    Well first up take pics of last weeks work and post them. Then fix last weeks work as per Chucks instructions.

    Then get back to some flatwork if time permits now that i cleaned up the outstanding spinny projects.

    No Hockey this weekend cause we in between playoff rounds so it suites me for a break.

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    Drawers and doors are all done and test mounted. Now comes a week or more of finish sanding and applying finish to them and the moldings. Goal? completely finished and pictures posted by Easter.
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    Iasd be derven perf na gentertaon, then a sarkhap um dag over hawsenjankler.

    Then, for all that's right and good in the world, I'm gonna buy Don a spell checker. Won't somebody think of the children?

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