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Thread: mortiser for sale

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    mortiser for sale

    I have a Powermatic PM701 3/4 Horsepower Bench Mortiser that I would love to sale -- used it to make 3 holes.... I have no use for it. Problem is I do not want to ship this very heavy tool. That restricts the distance for me to advertise the mortiser -- local only.. Rob Bodenschatz sold one which was listed here at family woodworking very recently.

    The price is negotiable it all depends on the delivery cost -- if I have to meet you someplace -- It will be a very good price no matter..

    4 Hollow Mortise Chisels & Bits will be included in price...... and all the stuff that came with it.. no box/carton it came on a pallet.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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